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Heather Bourne

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, I was exposed to Eastern philosophies and alternative medicine from a young age. A keen TaiChi, QiGong and meditation practitioner since 2005, I experienced the benefits of these practices on my own health.


Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine was the next stepping stone that would allow me to apply a holistic approach to health while fulfilling my deepest need to help and care for patients.


I remain convinced that the human body has all the resources it needs to heal itself and to remain healthy. My role as a therapist is to provide an environment based on trust and empathy, where the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you heal yourself. I look forward to accompanying you on your path to healthy living! 


Heather Woodcock Bourne

Acupressure diploma (BioMedica, Basel)

Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma - Tuina / Acupuncture (BioMedical, Basel)

Mykotherapy diploma (Chiway, Winterthur)


Member of Switzerland’s Acupressure Association (AVS)

Member of the Swiss professional association for TCM


EMR: C244663

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